How to make your own shortcrust with only 3 main ingredients and 4 steps

Shortcrust Dough Recipe

Total time 35min

Prep time 5 min

Shortcrust dough is the easiest dough recipe you can learn. You need only 3 main ingredient to realize it and they cost nothing. When you look at all the additives they put in the proceed ones, you better craft your own. First, the taste is uncomparable; second, it is clearly better for your health; third, it needs no time to make a huge amount of it. So don’t ask yourself twice, it’s kitchen time!


300g of wheat flour

150g of butter

80ml of water



1/ Pour the flour in a stainless bowl, add the small chunks of soft butter and the water on the top of it, don’t forget to salt.

2/ Mix quickly all these ingredients together with your hands. Don’t over mix it, the dough may get too breakable after.

3/ Form a ball and knead it two times on the cooking table. Reform a ball, put it back in your stainless bowl, then cover it with a napkin and let it rest 30 min minimun in the fridge.

4/ To finish, take the dough out of the fridge, and roll it out thin and even.

It is ready to use for any food delight: apple pie, pear pie, leek quiche, bacon quiche, crackers, cheese pie, onion pie…


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