The gluten free buckwheat French crepe secret recipe

Hi folks, have you ever heard of buckwheat crepes? or buckwheat galette? It is one of the most famous recipes in the north west of France. They are quite different from the traditional French crepes.

They are not a dessert but an entree. You can fill them with any salty or sweet items you love: cheese, egg, bacon, mushrooms, pineapple and other delights. Traditionally you top it with a chunk of salted butter, to enhance their taste. In Brittany County, they love to roll a traditional sausage inside them and eat it after a night of partying. In fact, Buckwheat crepes are to Brittany as tacos are to California: a fast, easy and tasty snack that you can grab at any time.

Buckwheat flour is the main ingredient, a gold mine for gluten free eaters. Indeed, buckwheat doesn’t contain any gluten, so no allergy risk! Moreover, this type of flour is rich in fiber and contains essential minerals, a perfect starch element to replenish you. Eventhough buckwheat flour can be costly, it is worth it to buy it, because trust me, the taste makes the difference.

As we know, Crepes an Galettes are always a good excuse to open a good bottle of cider and start a party. Back at my university we used to throw a crepe party every month. Everyone brought their favorite ingredient to fill the crepe and then we started to cook. The best moment was when we flipped it, we all waited to see the crepes destiny. Yes, fliping a crepe is an art and you better train yourself to master it. An important tip for you–you can easily flip a crepe, but you will hqve a lot more trouble flipping a galette.

Last thing, In France you can find crêperies (the restaurants where you eat crepes) all around. But the creperies in California generally will provide more of a French style pancake. They are good but they are not a buckwheat crepe. Which is why today, I want to teach THE secret recipe. People love them in France and I am sure you will too. So let’s make this recipe and impress your friends at your next party!


Prep time: 10 min

Rest time: 1 hour

Cook time: 30 min

Total time : 1 h 40


250g buckwheat flour

1 egg

2 tbls oil

500mL water

salt, pepper

Whisk the buckwheat flour with the the egg, the oil and add water to obtain a thick dough. No clumps allowed.



Let rest 1 hour in the fridge, add a bit of water if the dough got thicker.

Pour one ladle of dough in a warm and greasy pan. Distribute it all around.


Let it cook slowly on one side, then use a stick to flip it on the other one.


Then repeat the operation to make a new one.

Now you can add all the ingredients you love inside it and warm it up.




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