Hypoglycemia and Sport: the keys to detect, cure and prevent low blood sugar symptoms

1/ Definition

Deficiency of glucose in the bloodstream. Since the brain relies only on sugar to function, it is suffering when blood sugar level are low. Hypoglycemia generally occurs after a long or intense physical effort and / or an insufficient sugar intake.







Blood sugar level chart.

2/ Hypoglycemia signs 



Common hypoglycemia signs. via google.

3/ How to react when facing an hypoglycemia crisis

You need to increase your blood sugar level immediately.  The best way to do it, is to ingest fast carbohydrates. They do not require a long digestion process because they have a high glycemic index. Here are few examples of healthy emergency  carbs to relieve hypoglycemia symptoms:

1 small bottle of juice 100% natural

A glass of water with 3 tbs of sugar

1 tbsp of honey

The easiest food to ingest the better. Hypoglycemia crisis makes you feel really weak, it is better to avoid any chewing. Beverage form of sugar is the best alternative to recover from a blood sugar deficiency.

  • sweetener does not contain any sugar, they are useless in case of hy1635-200poglycemia.
  • Chocolate is not a good choice to increase blood sugar level since it is rich in fat. Fat slows down the absorption of sugar in the body.


4/ How to prevent hypoglycemia crisis

First of all our body needs complex carbohydrates: bread, rice, pasta and other starches. They contain easily 1/2 of our daily energy. We should eat starches at each meal.


Image courtesy to Dr. MacDougall.

When we are active or playing any form of sports, our body demands more energy and this energy essentially comes from sugar. Therefore, we must adapt to our activity in order to avoid hypoglycemia.

If a physical activity occurs many hours after a meal, it is necessary to have a snack before you start it.

Snacks example:

1 hour before 1 fruit + 1 slice of bread

1 cereal bar

10 min before 1 glass of juice or 3 natural fruit jelly

This type of food doesn’t make you full. you will not feel heavy or discomfort while exercising and your energy will be maximized towards your activity.


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