5 Friendly Fitness Exercises That Will Help You Tone Up—Anywhere, Anytime.



Has it been a long time since your last workout? Don’t worry! This 5-step workout routine will help you to get back in shape slowly and safely. You don’t need any equipment, just your own bodyweight and a little bit of energy to get started.


Exercise routine

Exercises Sets Repetition or Holding Time Easier Version
Squat 4 15 None
Front plank 4 30s-1min On the knees
Side plank 4 20s-45s On the knees
Glut bridge 4 10 hold 5s on top No holding
Push-up 4 10
  • Against the wall
  • On elevated surface

Repeat each exercise, one after the other, then start the next set.

Rest a maximum of 30 seconds between each exercise.

Try to keep a fast tempo.


1/ Squat

Squats are not only basic functional movements, but are also are essential to develop strength and endurance in your legs. 

Movement: Lower your body down to a sitting position by flexing your hips and knees until you reach a 90-degree angle, then push your body back up.


Overhead squat middle position. Photo by Ona Isart


Key points: 

  • Look straight ahead
  • Chest up, shoulder back
  • Sit back: hinge your hip and butt goes backward
  • Keep your back straight and your core engaged
  • Knees slightly forward
  • Squat to parallel.
  • Push through the heels


Common mistakes: Descending too rapidly and flexing the torso too far forward.

2/ Plank

The ultimate core exercise.

Movement: none, just hold a plank position for a while…


Front plank arm extended (you can also achieve this exercise on your forearms). Photo by Ziv Sade

Key points:

  • Shoulders above the elbows
  • Keep your eyes looking down
  • Elbow form a 90 degree angle
  • Keep your core engaged and your body aligned
  • Back flat
  • Gluts tight


3/ Side plank

A good way to train your obliques ( “side abs” ) and your back core.

Movement: none, just hold the side plank position for a while…


Side plank ( my butt is a little bit to high but it still works)

Key points:

  • Body aligned from head to toe
  • Back straight
  • Elbows beneath the shoulders
  • Hips and knee off the floor
  • Core engaged
  • Neck and head relaxed.


4/ Glut Bridge

Excellent exercise to firm up your butt and strengthen your core. 

Movement: lay back on the floor, arms to the side, knees bent, and heels on the ground.  Lift your hips off the ground until knees, hips, and shoulders are in a straight line.


Glut bridge

Key points:

  • Squeeze your gluts (butt) on the top
  • Rest your head on the floor during all the motion
  • Push through your heels
  • Keep your core engaged and your back straight


5/ Push up

Push-ups are great exercises to build up your upper body. They are perfect to tone up your arms. 

Movement: In a plank position, lower your chest down by flexing your elbows. You should almost touch the floor, pause, and push your body back up.


Push-up lower position

Key points: 

  • Arms shoulder-width apart
  • Shoulders above the wrists
  • Elbow pulled into your sides
  • Head neutral
  • Lower body locked into a plank position during all the motion 



This routine is a full body workout, strengthening your core, upper and lower body. After repeating these 5 exercises at least twice a week during one month, your body will get stronger and fitter. Now, you just need to add a little touch of cardio and there you go! Training is like cuisine, it is a little mix of everything in the right portions.



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