7 Reason Why Bananas Are Your Best Workout Buddies.

Bananas are the favorite fruits of many athletes. Think about Rafael Nadal ( the tennis player), He keeps eating bananas during his breaks. Bananas are nutritious on so many levels and so easy to find that it should be your first choice when you need a healthy and natural  workout snack.


a banana

Nutrition content

Medium Banana (118g)

Kcal 105






Protein 1.3
Fat 0

As you can see, Bananas are hyper caloric compare to other fruits. They are low in water, which make then nutrient dense.

Their sugar content vary according to their ripeness. Ripe bananas are full of sugar, which can be really interesting in baking.

I you have to workout, I will recommend to eat  a classic banana 1 hour before, it will energize you and help you to optimize your metabolism.

An other thing about bananas is their no fat content. It facilitates their assimilation, which make them a great workout or post workout cardio snack.

Low glycemic index (GI)

Glycemic Index can be quite interesting to control your blood sugar level even though scientists are still discussing about the GI’s action. Not ripped banana have a low GI of 52 and Ripped banana have a moderate GI of 65. What does it mean? if you need fast energy take a ripped banana but if you go for a slow pace cardio session I will choose a not ripped banana.


Bananas are a good source of potassium. This mineral is known to reduce and control high blood pressure. It is also essential to have great potassium intakes while practicing outdoors activities in warm climate. Potassium is necessary to maintain adequate water in your cells.


Their good  magnesium content helps to reduce exercise-related muscle cramps and soreness, which affect up to 95% of the general population.


Bananas are full of good vitamins, essentials to keep your body running healthy. They are a great source of:

Vitamin C: Essential for energy production, muscle reparation and to replenish your iron stock.

Vitamin B6:  Regulates blood glucose levels

Vitamin A: Aids in healthy bones, soft tissue, and more

Easy to eat and use

Pill it, eat it and it will carb you up for your training session. You’d better be eating a healthy treat directly after your workout instead of starving to death until your next meal. Don’t forget real food is the best source of vitamins and nutrients.


Bananas are easy to eat


Budget wise, bananas are more than affordable. At Trader Joes ( American supermarket), 1 banana will cost you only 19cts. 


Bananas on a supermarket shelve

Don’t wait anymore, if you are an active individual, in the rush, stop snacking these expensive cereal bars. Choose to bite a banana!







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