About me

My name is Pascaline, I am a certified personal trainer and nutritionist located in Culver city.

Throughout my childhood, I have always enjoyed exercising. I used to run, jump and climb everywhere and come back home full of scratches. I have been practicing various sport such as skateboarding, volley-ball, rock-climbing, cycling, athleticism, tennis, hiking. I just love the sensation it brings into my body and mind.

I graduated from a bachelor in sport science in 2007 and decided to work as a fitness instructor. I wanted to help people to look after their body in order to enjoy it. It works well but I wasn’t fully satisfied, I could see my clients wanted more so do I.

I refined my goal as follow: a healthy mind comes with a healthy body. Training is one key to remain healthy and nutrition is an other, I will even say the first one. I applied it to myself, by following a better diet and habits and it leads me to a better body in less than a 3 months. I needed to share this science with others, so I started a dietetics degree and become a French certified dietitian in 2013.

After I graduated, I started to provide personal health and fitness coaching to various people and I really enjoyed it. I always want to increase my knowledge, results and experience. I found my path and I am devoted to it. We all deserve to be happy and a healthy body is essential in this quest.

Therefore, I decided to create this blog, to share, inform and debate about various topics that are vital to our wellness.

I hope it will inspire you.

Pascaline Pouzols

Photo credit to Ziv Sade